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Sabich Salad

Our Story

It all started with my craving for real Israeli hummus, which in my opinion was missing in my area.

After 12 years of chasing the right plate to wipe (as we Israelis say), I decided that we all needed a decent local hummusiya, a house of hummus dishes where “fresh” is a good word, and the prices make it easy for people to visit on a daily basis.

Here at the Hummus Factory, you won’t find fancy chairs or million-dollar paintings on the walls. Most likely you’ll find people abuzz, with music so loud you’ll need to yell to place an order, and one of us shouting for you to pick up your meal and start eating before it gets cold!

We grind our hummus throughout the day to keep it fresh; we chop, slice and dice our vegetables every day; we make tomato shakshuka and season it to your taste; we prepare sabich sandwiches in front of your very eyes! Each and every one of our dishes is made specially to order.

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